The Stupid City Folk- Me

I’ve been keeping a private journal while I’ve been traveling but I want to share some of the most annoying nuances that I have been encountering. The past 9 months I’ve already been to ~60 cities/towns, 3 continents, somewhat unintentional and unplanned. I am going to start writing about the trips I had in the past and the ones coming forward.
The most ironic thing is that I worked for a wholesale travel company last year. I’ve never worked for any other industry than financial and unfortunately I got bored of that job and got my dream job. I got a temporary position in Austin Texas. Yes, it is temporary but it is one of the most competitive jobs in the financial sector. I was definitely proud that I got in. It didn’t matter to me if it was long term or short terms or where it was, I wanted that exact title – Quantitative/Algorithm Trader. Sounds so fascinating, right? Anyways, off topic. 
I am no doubt a city person. I barely drive. I walk every where (or run 🙂 ) . I grew up with buses and subways. I’m not even sure if the right pedal on the car is gas or brake, haha jk. I probably should have my license revoked huh. What’s more funny is I have motorcycle license too lol. Anyways, coming from NYC and moving to Texas was definitely different. It wasn’t anything surprising as I was already mentally prepared for the differences. It’s funny how people are so amazed of NYC but I’m really amazed what’s outside of NYC. I have to admit I grew up in a bubble, a metropolitan bubble. 

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