Backyard Animals

During my stay in Texas, there was one interesting experience. I stayed at an airbnb place and they had chickens, 14 of them. The host would give the chicken eggs away- sometimes to the neighbors, sometimes to the homeless. It’s very kind of them. I’ve took lyft around town and was told it’s pretty common in Austin to have chickens as backyard animals. I must say the yolk color is definitely different. US eggs are just strange. I had eggs in Europe and Asia where the egg is bright orange. US grocery store eggs are just pale yellow. It’s as if the egg is “dying”. But I was told it is because of what the chickens were fed. I’m sure we eat a whole bunch of hormonal eggs. Oh well. 

I’ve also saw peacocks. There was a park full of peacocks. I’m not sure if the peacocks are there for religious reasons or just because. I’ve never seen so many peacocks on one ground. The only time I’ve seen this many was at the zoo. Makes me think why did I see confined peacocks all this time? 

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