Went to Europe Over the Weekend- JFK to LHR

You’re going to London just for the weekend?! – Airline check-in lady 

My first Europe trip was in England. I flew from New York City to London just for the weekend. 

Work was so hectic. I couldn’t get out. My commute was miserable. It used to take me 2 hours to get to work on the MTA. Hell. I get in at 9am and there are days when I leave work at 2am. By then I would take the cab as it is ridiculous for me to take the MTA that never goes my way. I couldn’t get out of work. I knew I couldn’t take days off but I wanted to something insane. 

I went online and booked a flight to London over the weekend. I called up my friend and told her that I would be coming just for a night. “What?! Why?” Work sucks and I want to out. 

I landed Heathrow at 6:30am. I was pumped. I called up my friend and she told me to meet up with her at a Station later at 3pm. I agreed. I went back to my hotel to drop my things off and started the double decker tour. I kept dozing off since I had jet lag and I didn’t eat anything since I left New York. I didn’t want to get ripped off. So I figured I’ll wait for my friend later. 

There wasn’t anything special with the double decker bus tour I did in the morning. What was special was when I met my friend. I wasn’t sure where we were going but I brought a pair of high heels. As we went through all the main shops in London, I looked into my bag where my heels were, guess what!!! I had one shoe. ONE SHOE. So I bought a pair thinking it’d be a nice souvenir anyways. 

My friend Joanna said “alright go back to your hotel, drop your stuff off and we are gonna go get dinner. Meet me at this Thai restaurant at 7:30” 

7:30 came along. We met up. I was famished. I haven’t eaten since Friday lunch time in New York. We were taken to our seats at the restaurant. My friend slipped herself to the seat against the wall, she suddenly stopped and froze. 

“I can’t move.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t move because my kneecap popped out”

The look on her face clearly showed she was in much pain. So what do you normally do when this happens? “I normally pop it back in but it’s not going in.” 

After 30 minutes of the waiter and manager coming in and out, we finally called an ambulance. The ambulance arrived in another 30 mins. Took forever. 

Joanna was finally discharged with a cast on her leg around 1am. I said “I guess we are going home then.” “No, we are not going home. We are going out.” “We are going out with that thing on?!” I pointed to her cast. “YES!” Lol okay 

We got to a random bar and met some random guys, like 8 of them. They bought us rounds and rounds and later suggested we go north of London to some warehouse party. Joanna agreed. So I eventually tagged along. 

Long story short- We didn’t get back to the hotel until 6am. Noticed that I said “we”. It wasn’t us two but three. My friend brought company. I had a king size bed. And guess what happens next…lol 

Anyways next day just sucked. I went to madame Tussaud. There’s madame Tussaud in nyc. It was such bummer to there but I had no choice because it was the closest thing was my hotel and I only had a few hours to do things. 

Overall if I can rate my journey to London over the weekend, it’d give it a C. lol 

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