Back to NYC 

I spent the last four months in Texas. It was the best experience I’ve ever had. 

Its unfortunate I didn’t have the chance to take Amtrak to California due to hurricane Harvey. California was pretty disappointing. I think I enjoy regions that are heavy in culture. Texas definitely had that. California is too urban. 

Growing up in nyc, I was so confined to the concrete jungle but seeing the south was totally refreshing. I’m pretty sad I’m back to the NYC life to be honest. With that said, I’ve been working on a new traveling app. (Yes I program.) 

The app basically creates itinerary based on where you want to go. It doesn’t give you a premade one. It lets you pick photos of wherever you find amazing. All you have to do is like pictures from anywhere around the world and an itinerary is made. Pretty cool! I just submitted my app today to Instagram for their API approval. 

The basic app is built. The hardest part is the algorithm for the itinerary. How can you take x data location and optimize with n days at whatever budget you set, along with many other factors. The current one I have now works well with certain cities. Actually I was really surprised with the outcome. Pretty accurate but had some flaws. 

The new one I just thought of seems promising but way more complicated. Fingers crossed. 

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