Crossed 4 timezone in 4 months

I wrote this in my notepad 3 weeks ago and I want to share what I did across the US as an American. I didn’t do all the states, but at least I did one city in each timezone. Overall for the entire year, I’ve been to 60 cities/towns, mostly alone. I’ll share some specific stories in later posts. 

My 4 month journey actually started from Portugal->Austria->Slovenia->Croatia->New York (home for one day)-> Austin, Texas-> San Antonio, Texas-> Houston, Texas-> Dallas, Texas->Denver, Colorado->Los Angeles 

The past 4 months…I had a blast!!!! And this is just going to be a list on why I had a blast. 

I had the best eggtart in the world, went back to one of my fave euro country, saw my mom, ate a lot of truffles, saw lots of waterfalls, had lots of BBQ, lived with 14 chickens 2 cats and 1 dog, danced with cowboys, got drunk on dirty six, got happy with edibles, met tons of strangers, saw bats coming out of a bridge, went horseback riding, hitched hiked, went to the ghettos and got followed back, saw Spanish missions, saw spaceships, saw naked people, swam in a few springs, played chicken shit bingo, saw almost full eclipse, saw stars on the floor and in the sky, paddle boarded in the t-storm, kayaked under the sun, saw a beer can house, checked out where JFK got shot, went to a peacock sanctuary, climb up 14k high and had a beer, saw sea lions in the Pacific Ocean, tread water in the Dead Sea, had rattlesnake meat with taxidermies, stayed at an old soviet hotel, went to universal studio. 

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