Holidays is a time when people travel- travel back home.

I’m pretty done with traveling for the rest of this year and I’m already home.

However, I’d like to share a ridiculous story about going to somewhere random during the holiday. Over the past 10-20 years, holidays were the worst for me. Not trying to be Mr. Scrooge but not having family around is tough. I have friends inviting me over to their family’s dinner but it’s just not the same.

One day, I was hanging out with a bunch of colleagues who don’t celebrate Christmas. However, I didn’t feel like I belonged with them and I didn’t want to go home. I ended up taking a little trip from NYC to Stamford, Connecticut. Yup! You read that right, Stamford.

It was around 11pm. I said farewell to my colleagues. Not wanting to go home, I got off the subway way earlier than I should at grand central terminal. I went to the information booth and asked the guy, “where can I go in Connecticut? What’s a nice neighborhood to explore?” He showed me a pamphlet with a picture of foliage, “new haven is nice.” But New Haven is kind of far, how about Greenwich? I asked. (I have a friend who used to work there and for some reason, I thought it’d be a great idea to go at midnight lol. The information guy said, “that could work” and tells me the next train time. I don’t recall what exactly happened next, but I said how about Stamford and when is it leaving? Apparently going to Stamford was the soonest train available. I paid my ticket and got on the train.

Once I got to Stamford, I saw buildings in darkness. How silly of me to be doing this, I thought. I got into a cab and asked the driver “take me to the nearest hotel.” The cab driver dropped me off and I went straight to check-in- “where’s the nearest bar?”, I asked. The lady smiled and responded, “the nearest bar is in New York City.”

😂 when you live in NYC for all your life, you don’t realize other places in the world or country operates on a different time.

And that was one of my solo Christmas.

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