Promoting Social Travel

I’ve been working on a personal travel app as a way to practice coding. Now Ive finished. I have to say the product turns out to be more than what I expected.

The platform basically lets bloggers and instagrammers interact other travelers with Q&A. The more one answers, the more presence seen–just like any social app I guess. But instead of limiting your blog and Instagram account, your entire presence is seen. Like TripAdvisor’s letting you show your own profile. Why not right?

The cool thing is every post has a location so users can save Q&A and photos to a planner. The goal is to hope save time researching as well as find an efficient means to promote blogs.

I’d love to hear your opinion if this sounds great or not. Let me know!


Progress on travel app

Not traveling related but somewhat. So I’m almost done coding my beta version of my traveling app.

I’ve actually reached out to several similar apps with the intention of hoping of working together for synergy. So far, I haven’t found the one for me– one who shares similar vision, goals and strategies that I have. It’s okay.

Eventually I would like everyone to come together to build a true global community of sharing stories and photos. You can argue Facebook is doing that. But I have to say, my Facebook feed has been filled with less so of my friends’ stories but companies’ stories. Sometimes I’m lost as to what I’m reading on Facebook.

I hope my goals can come true one day. I truly believe in hard work and dedication. And someday it’ll all work out.


Holidays is a time when people travel- travel back home.

I’m pretty done with traveling for the rest of this year and I’m already home.

However, I’d like to share a ridiculous story about going to somewhere random during the holiday. Over the past 10-20 years, holidays were the worst for me. Not trying to be Mr. Scrooge but not having family around is tough. I have friends inviting me over to their family’s dinner but it’s just not the same.

One day, I was hanging out with a bunch of colleagues who don’t celebrate Christmas. However, I didn’t feel like I belonged with them and I didn’t want to go home. I ended up taking a little trip from NYC to Stamford, Connecticut. Yup! You read that right, Stamford.

It was around 11pm. I said farewell to my colleagues. Not wanting to go home, I got off the subway way earlier than I should at grand central terminal. I went to the information booth and asked the guy, “where can I go in Connecticut? What’s a nice neighborhood to explore?” He showed me a pamphlet with a picture of foliage, “new haven is nice.” But New Haven is kind of far, how about Greenwich? I asked. (I have a friend who used to work there and for some reason, I thought it’d be a great idea to go at midnight lol. The information guy said, “that could work” and tells me the next train time. I don’t recall what exactly happened next, but I said how about Stamford and when is it leaving? Apparently going to Stamford was the soonest train available. I paid my ticket and got on the train.

Once I got to Stamford, I saw buildings in darkness. How silly of me to be doing this, I thought. I got into a cab and asked the driver “take me to the nearest hotel.” The cab driver dropped me off and I went straight to check-in- “where’s the nearest bar?”, I asked. The lady smiled and responded, “the nearest bar is in New York City.”

😂 when you live in NYC for all your life, you don’t realize other places in the world or country operates on a different time.

And that was one of my solo Christmas.

Dining with Taxidermies

Have you ever sat down in a restaurant and have these animals just stare at you? 

What an experience! I went to the oldest restaurant in Denver, Colorado. The place is called Buckhorn Exchange. It’s been around  since 1893 and was featured on Man vs Food. 

Snake meat! I had snake meat!! The snake meat wasn’t even on the menu, you had to request from them. It was some snake meat mixed with queso dip. Amazing dip! Totally worth the try- YOLO

I also had the buffalo steak. It was good but kind of unease when you have a bunch of animals looking down at you. Lol but overall it was still one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. 

The dip was fantastic
The bathroom

Crossed 4 timezone in 4 months

I wrote this in my notepad 3 weeks ago and I want to share what I did across the US as an American. I didn’t do all the states, but at least I did one city in each timezone. Overall for the entire year, I’ve been to 60 cities/towns, mostly alone. I’ll share some specific stories in later posts. 

My 4 month journey actually started from Portugal->Austria->Slovenia->Croatia->New York (home for one day)-> Austin, Texas-> San Antonio, Texas-> Houston, Texas-> Dallas, Texas->Denver, Colorado->Los Angeles 

The past 4 months…I had a blast!!!! And this is just going to be a list on why I had a blast. 

I had the best eggtart in the world, went back to one of my fave euro country, saw my mom, ate a lot of truffles, saw lots of waterfalls, had lots of BBQ, lived with 14 chickens 2 cats and 1 dog, danced with cowboys, got drunk on dirty six, got happy with edibles, met tons of strangers, saw bats coming out of a bridge, went horseback riding, hitched hiked, went to the ghettos and got followed back, saw Spanish missions, saw spaceships, saw naked people, swam in a few springs, played chicken shit bingo, saw almost full eclipse, saw stars on the floor and in the sky, paddle boarded in the t-storm, kayaked under the sun, saw a beer can house, checked out where JFK got shot, went to a peacock sanctuary, climb up 14k high and had a beer, saw sea lions in the Pacific Ocean, tread water in the Dead Sea, had rattlesnake meat with taxidermies, stayed at an old soviet hotel, went to universal studio. 

Eating insects 🐜 

Most of us live with abundance of food, water and shelter. Today I had a chance to try insects. I’ve been wanting to do this but never had the guts to do it. 

Let’s be real, 80% of the world eats insects of some type. If there is a world apocalypse of some sort, us first world people would probably die. The best source probably should be cockroaches, going through dinosaur age and all that. But ummm I cringe. Better get this protein diet regime on to be prepared for the real real world. 

Back to NYC 

I spent the last four months in Texas. It was the best experience I’ve ever had. 

Its unfortunate I didn’t have the chance to take Amtrak to California due to hurricane Harvey. California was pretty disappointing. I think I enjoy regions that are heavy in culture. Texas definitely had that. California is too urban. 

Growing up in nyc, I was so confined to the concrete jungle but seeing the south was totally refreshing. I’m pretty sad I’m back to the NYC life to be honest. With that said, I’ve been working on a new traveling app. (Yes I program.) 

The app basically creates itinerary based on where you want to go. It doesn’t give you a premade one. It lets you pick photos of wherever you find amazing. All you have to do is like pictures from anywhere around the world and an itinerary is made. Pretty cool! I just submitted my app today to Instagram for their API approval. 

The basic app is built. The hardest part is the algorithm for the itinerary. How can you take x data location and optimize with n days at whatever budget you set, along with many other factors. The current one I have now works well with certain cities. Actually I was really surprised with the outcome. Pretty accurate but had some flaws. 

The new one I just thought of seems promising but way more complicated. Fingers crossed.